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About Us

McKechnie Iron Foundry's heavy jobbing operation specialises in one off and short run production, with steel catings now making up around 40% of our output.

Our company has three metallurgists onsite who maintain tight control of casting quality and contract requirements.

With over sixty years in operation, our pattern shop, foundry and production staff have broad experience in casting supply to all aspects of engineering, completing large and small projects from supplied drawings or existing pattern equipment.

From pit moulds to lost foam, split moulds to strickle work, we can supply to your quality requirements as rough cast or finished machined and painted.

Machining is completed through our close association with the local and interstate machine shops.

When required we can quickly reproduce your casting requirements for breakdowns, often working from the failed component or a sample casting.

Quality verfification of castings, both NDT and mechanical, is provided to recognised standards, nominated in customer contracts. Testing is by third party with NATA certs when specified.
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McKechnie is a heavy jobbing operation in ferrous castings ranging from a few kilos to 25 tons.

Girth Gears, Mill Heads, Trunnions and Trunnion Liners, Wear Parts, Slurry Pipes, Washing Cyclones etc.

Resource Sector
Castings for Power Generation, Marine Applications, Gas and Oil Industry.

General Engineering
Gear Blanks, Sheaves, Pump Casings and Impellers, Bearing Housings, Gearbox Housings, Counterweights etc.

Automotive Pressline Dies, Bolsters and Packers, Injection Moulding Dies.

Metal Types and Capacities

AS 1830 Cast Iron - all grades to 25 ton casting weight.

AS 1831 SG Iron (Ductile Iron) - all grades to 19 ton casting weight.

AS 1833 Corrosion resistant Austenitic Cast Iron to 9 ton casting weight.

AS 2047 Steel - Carbon, alloy and tool steels to 12 ton casting weight.

AS 2027 Abrasion resistant White Irons e.g. 27% CR, NI Hard, 20-2-1, etc to 9 ton casting weight.

  • Spectrometer analysis and third party testing (NATA certified if requested) guarantee nominated metal specifications are supplied.
  • Full NDT services are supplied through accredited third party contractors.
  • Proof machined or full machined product can be supplied. We have affiliations with several quality machine shops in Adelaide allowing close monitoring of vendor contracts.
  • Casting orders are monitored through internal / external quality plans (Inspection and Test Plans) upon request.
  • A full on-site Pattern and Heat Treatement service. Heat Treat stove measures 5450 x 3440 x 1850mm, an extension takes overall length to 6800mm.
  • Quoting and production drawings can be received via email. On-site CAD will accept most software packages and file types.
  • Box sizes range from 300mm x 300mm to our lasrgest moulding pit 10.0 x 4.75 meters.
  • McKechnie is ISO9001 certified.

  • ISO9001 Certified
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Sending CAD Files

McKechnie Foundry can accept CAD files in the following formats:

SAT, PDF, SRF, DXF, DWG, IGS, STEP, X.T, STL, SW, Catia v4 and 5, Pro.E and U.G

* We prefer STEP or IGES that has been stitched or healed *

These files should be sent to

How To Find Us

The map below shows you directions to McKechnie Iron Foundry from Adelaide Airport.

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